Best German Shepherd Breeders

Find Best German Shepherd Breeders

We are a small family breeder, out of Loxahatchee, Florida. We have been breeding and training German Shepherds for over 16 years. Our home is located on over 1 fenced acres of land where our dogs are able to run and play. We are passionate about our shepherds and training them. We have also attended shows with our shepherds.

All of our parent dogs used in breeding are titled dogs with excellent bloodlines and are imported from Germany. You can be assured that our shepherds will fit any need you may have and training will come easy. All our dogs and puppies are well socialized with other dogs and our family, including children and adults. We do desensitizing work with our puppies from a very early age to assure stable temperament as adults.

The best German shepherd breeders refer to this species of dogs as the dogdom’s finest all-purpose worker. These dogs are large in size, muscular, agile, highly intelligent, and with a noble spirit. These dogs are solid, deep-chested, and move quickly with great nimbleness in the feet. The natural gait of trained German shepherds is the free and easy trot, but when there is a call of duty, they just turn the notch high to get the job done. They stand with a height of twenty-six inches with a doghouse that is built like a brick to present a smooth and graceful curve.

When it comes to the personality of the trained German shepherd, the best German shepherd breeders say that they are confident, smart, steady, courageous, and a dog that loves other dogs. The energy levels in these dogs make them extremely active, making it necessary to accord them regular physical and mental exercise because they were born to work. They are friendly to the children, can supervise other dogs, and are eager to learn. The life expectancy of this dog is approximately ten years. The ideal dog for your family has a stamp of nobility and quality in the looks. These qualities are hard to distinguish, but they are unmistakable when present.