• I am writing to you to thank you soo much for helping us find our Zeke, the apricot male who stole my heart when you sent the photo. He turned 6 months old the other day and he is just amazing !! Of course he is a puppy doing puppy things as any healthy all american puppy does but he blows us away with how intelligent he is, considering we thought he would be just another pretty face. He’s done so well with some of the training classes and the trainer just loves him. He is so well adjusted and takes all his trials ( the vet ) and tribulations ( the injections ) like a champ. Again, he won the hearts of the girls in the vets office. I thank you for being so wonderful and patient with me during the process of choosing the right puppy but you knew immediately what I wanted and before I knew it, you sent me the photo that sealed the deal. It was wonderful working with you and I would gladly answer anyone’s questions who is considering buying one of your puppies. I know that we will stay in touch and I will send you photos soon ( Zeke’s graduation pic is just beyond ! ) I wish you every happiness and I hope to be able to stop by soon and let you check Zeke out and see how happy he has made us.

    Elaine W.
  • Rod and Brian we just want to thank you for the most wonderful and loving puppy ever!! She has brought so much joy to our house. We have given multiple recommendations to many of our friends. We can say you do a wonderful job breeding puppies! She is just such a lover! Thank you for bringing such joy to our house!!

  • Hi Rod! We wanted to check in with you guys and thank you again for all of the help that you provided us with while choosing our first puppy! Our baby girl, Derby, is just AMAZING! Matt’s allergies haven’t even been an issue thanks to that great hypo-allergenic hair! Derby is just over 1 years old now, and I can’t say enough about her personality. She is a goofball and a sweetheart all at the same time. She was the perfect match for us, and we can’t thank you enough for all that you did during the process – especially starting her a few days early with the cage training. She loves her cage, and I truly believe that it is due to the fact that she started young! She completes our home and we can’t wait to get her a little sister real soon!

    Jen and Matt
  • Rod, The puppy is doing well, weighs in at 18.2 lbs. as of Wednesday. Tomorrow, or Sunday, I will post a picture, had to get a new camera to get pictures, they grow so fast. Again, thank you for all your care and listening when I thought there was a problem with the dog. Her name is Sasha, the girl at my veterinarian came up with the name, as she was sassy to a big dog, and when she told me the name, I remembered that my dad had a chocolate lab female, about 80 lbs. named Sasha. Since my Dad just passed away a month ago, and was a big dog lover, I felt it was the right name for her. She is walking well on leash, has known where home is for over 1 1/2 weeks, can tell our gate from all the others, comes when I call her, sits, and I have hardly started good training with her. I gave my 2 week notice from my second job, because I need to spend quality time with her. Surprisingly enough, my husband, who really did not want a dog, took to her and has been taking her to the beach every morning. she enjoys car rides and being at the beach. Later this weekend, I will put up a nice testimonial that you can use, and will recommend you to anyone. Do you have any puppies left from the litter? I had someone ask me.

    Roseanne Lawson
  • Hi Rod, I’ve been meaning to write to you for a long time now. I just wanted to let you know that Charlie is literally a DREAM DOG! My fiance and I keep asking ourselves how we got such a perfect dog and feel so lucky to have her in our lives. We are so in love with her and she has the most incredible temperament of any dog I’ve ever known. She is so mellow and easy going and just wants to be close to us. She does have a playful side and her favorite game is hide and seek, but what she really loves to do is snuggle up with us and just hang out. When anybody meets her they are immediately charmed by her sweet demeanor how calm she is at 1 year old! She is a perfect companion and we can’t thank you enough for her. If anyone ever says they are interested in a dog I always send them your way because of our great experience. Also, my allergies haven’t been an issue in a long time and my mother who is highly allergic to dogs was completely fine when she came to visit! I’ve attached some of her latest pictures so that you can see how well she’s doing.

    Jackie L.
  • I just wanted to let you know that we LOVE our puppy!!! Megan named her Ginger and she has been perfect. Just like you said, she was easliy house broken and has picked up on all of her training very quickly. She is such a loving dog!! She was 12 lbs on 7-28 and is growing fast. Attached is a picture I took this morning. I hope all is well! When you get a chance, let me know your fee’s for grooming her.

  • Thank you so much for our Bella Luca. She is 6 months old today and weighs 45 pounds. She is full of energy and loves to swim in the pool with our daughter Addison and go on walks chasing lizards. Addison loves her and calls Bella her sister! Thanks

    Bella Luca Schwartzberg
  • Harley is very smart. She learned sit within 24 hours. I now don’t have to say sit before I put the leash on to go outside, she knows when we go to the door to sit automatically. I also spent 2 days working on ‘stay’ and by the end of the second day I can backup all the way across the living room and she stays put till I say ‘come’. My fiance has fallen in love with her and keeps trying to sneek her into bed at night instead of making her sleep in the crate. It makes my sad to see that her brother hasn’t found a home yet.. I sure hope someone takes him home soon! I will send pictures soon, as soon as I can get some good ones of her and Topaz together.

  • Oliver has been so good for us! He’s much bigger than we had anticipated but he is a LOVE, gives kisses all the time and loves everyone! He loves to sit in the pool, chase lizards into the trees, run and play catch! What energy! He has such a great personality!

    The Pettigrews
  • Sherlock is the smartest dog I have ever had, and that is saying something because I have had a few in my life. I knew I had found what I was looking for in a service dog candidate for my type-1 daughter the first time we exposed him to a scent sample. He is bright, beautiful, and will represent safety and freedom for Bayleigh as she takes him off to college with her next year. Great dog!

    kate kilpatrick
  • Rod, We are all doing well, thank you for asking. Mr. Chew and the kids are all doing fine. Thanks to Mr.Chew we are enjoying the outdoors a whole lot more. We couldn’t be happier with the addition of Mr. Chew to our family. Thank you again.

    Eric and Gene
  • Hey Rod. Lola is growing and learning so much everyday. She is such a sweet, playful and good girl. She is almost 5 months now! In this picture, she is celebrating her “brother’s” 10th birthday. They play and run with each other all the time. She’s been great for bringing his youth back out. Thank you so much for preparing her as a baby to be such a great dog. Everyone that sees and meets her wants to know where we got her! Thanks again.

    Brett Parsons
  • We recently celebrated Honey’s first birthday. We are so in love with our puppy. She is so smart and so good. When we are out, everyone stops to admire her. Thank you for allowing us to bring her into our life. We love her so much.

    Lois Siegel
  • Hi Rod. Just wanted to give you an update on our puppy, Andy, that we purchased from you. He is 5 1/2 months old now and weighs about 45lbs…..I think he’ll easily make it to 55 or so as an adult. Just had him neutered, although having surgery didn’t slow him down at all. He is one active boy…..and when he settles down, he is very loving. He is super smart, of course. Everyone thinks he is adorable, and the whole vet office loves him. I’m attaching a picture that I took a couple of weeks ago. Just wanted you to know that he’s happy and healthy and that we love him a lot. Hope you are well!!

    Sheila Alderman
  • Thank you SOOO much Our puppy Riley is AMAZING!!! We Can’t wait to get another one!!! a darker one next time cause Riley is kinda turning White! but he is soooo smart and sweet and everything we wanted!! Thank you thank you thank you!!

    Leila Peebles
  • Rod and Brian, We just wanted to Thank you so much for our boy Gunner. He has been such a blessing to our family and is a great dog. Thank you again for the best puppy we can ask for. To anyone looking, look no further this is the right place!!! Craig and Jessica Jackson

    Craig and Jessica Jackson
  • We love our sweet little Lilly. She is such a good puppy. Lilly’s temperament is so amazing she is not scared of the vacuum, pots or pans bagging, blender and ect. Loud noises do not scare her. She is a fun loving dog. Very smart and we have already started training her. She is fast learner.

  • Good morning, I just wanted to send you guys a little note about our sweet little Dixie. We are so happy. 5 days at home & she has not had even one accident in the house. Potty trained at 8weeks? Unbelievable She slept completely through the night last night! and in her crate! Unbelievable. She also adapted to her collar & leash immediately & is eating well. Thank you for the time you have spent with her. It is obvious that you have put the time & love necessary for her happy transition into our home. She has a few funny sleeping positions (attaching pics) lol

    April, Caleb & Dixie
  • I’m finally getting around to adding a note on your site about Macy. This is a current picture of her and my daughter. She is now 16 weeks old and a little over 25 lbs. She is just the greatest puppy, she is my best “little” friend and follows me every where. She has been doing great with training and is a joy to have around. She loves to fetch and could chase a ball for hours, she runs really fast and loves to be in the pool or lake swimming. It’s hard to believe she’s only been with us a few months, it seems like she has lived here forever. Thank you.

  • I am so glad you got in touch with me as I had lost your number and want to show a picture of our precious Jake. I am not making this up when I tell you that every single day when I take him for a walk someone stops my car and tells me that he should be in the movies. I am not kidding. Not only that he is huge! The firs time I to the Vet he fell asleep on the table. Now every time he weighs him he can’t believe it. He must be about 65 lbs. At the end of the month we are getting him fixed. He is the sweetest, most agreeable dog in the world. He loves all dogs and all people. He is also a wise-guy. But it is impossible to get mad at this face. He doesn’t chew my shoes, he just steals them and puts them on his “place” so that I know he can out wit me. He has eaten everything from a small coconut, to sewing needles and razor blades before he learned his lesson. My Vet says he must be a goat because nothing ever happens to him. He is my baby boy and I try so hard not to spoil him. Everybody loves him. He is so silly. He doesn’t like to swim which is a bit of a disappointment, but I think it is just because he is still a puppy. Next summer I predict he will be jumping in the pool. He is a pretty good watch dog when he is in the house, but outside he just licks everybody to death. I hope you are well. Here are a few pics. Everybody says e should have named him Chewbacka (Starwars) cause he is so fluffy. Or Alf for the old cartoon. But my grandson wanted to name him Jake Sully after the hero in Avatar so Jake it is. I am so happy with this dog and cannot thank you enough. Easily toilet trained, Only used the crate for about a month. I leave him alone in the house and all is well. But I don’t go out for long periods of time. 3 hours max for the time being.

    Gayle Samson
  • Hi Rod- Wow! Long time since I’ve been in touch, but I wanted you to know that Romeo is doing great! He’s in puppy kindergarten which is a total riot. All he wants to do is play. Could be my fault (isn’t it always). I have him playing with at least 2 dogs everyday. Big and small, he chases them all. I walk him 3-4 miles every morning. He just keeps going and going. He’s my little ever ready bunny. My husband fondly calls him the little terrorist (he so isn’t) Fortunately the trainer is teaching me how to get him to settle. I have to say that I love his energy. I’ve attached a couple pix from when my oldest son and a couple of his friends took him with them to Salem this weekend. It was a beautiful fall New England day and a good time was had by all. Thank you so much for sending Romeo to us-

  • Hey Rod Both of them are doing great—so cute, so sweet and as you can imagine just absolutely love each other. I ended up naming them ( Harley/Yellow boy and Gigi/Black girl ). They are so sweet and so happy !! I will send you some pictures and quotes over the weekend. Thanks again !! If you are ever in or around Deerfield—you are more than welcome to come take a look at them !!!

  • Once called Snowy. Leia is the best dog ever! We absolutly love her! She has grown so much and so strong and so smart… She is amazing!!! We all love her so so much. I hired a trainer and he just came 3 times! After that he said she was the smartest dog he had meet in 15 years and she did not need any more lessons!!! She goes jogging with me every day. She is the best with my daughters and my oldest dog. She is playful when there is a chance to be and a ladu when she needs to be. We adore her! Best buy ever! She became a part of our family the day she arrived. She was the cutest puppy and now at 8 months she is the loveliest mop head in the world. I’ll send more pics. Thanks all the way from Mexico!

    The Brachos
  • Hi everyone!!! This is Enzo….the best birthday present I could ever have received!!! His name is Italian for “Henry” which means “rules the house”!!! That he certainly does!!! Ken and I are in love with this beautiful creature!!! Thanks for the great job you doing in raising the sweetest, most adorable dogs I’ve ever seen! I will keep you posted as he continues to grow. This pic was taken April 6th, on my birthday!

    Lisa C